Alan Morgan

Founder & CEO

Alan is the philanthropic Founder and CEO of Mentor Foundation and

Originally from Australia and now living in Indonesia, Alan has over 30 years of success in business, ranging from small businesses to major commercial enterprises. He has also trained, educated and motivated over 10,000 people on better personal money management and small business in his role as an entrepreneurial and motivational speaker. Much of his busy career also included a focus on philanthropic work to help those less fortunate.

As a lifelong traveller to more than 40 nations, Alan’s passion for researching and understanding the local economic, cultural, political and living standards in many countries around the world has made him a fountain of knowledge on what it takes to become prosperous on limited resources. In mid 2010, Alan semi-retired early (Age 44) to focus his efforts on helping those in need become better informed and capable of achieving financial self-sustainability and prosperity. His philanthropic work and life experiences have resulted in the development and establishment of Mentor Foundation.