To change the desperation and expansion of poverty of everyone in the underdeveloped countries ... to be Optimistic and Prosperous ... to withdraw themselves and their communities out of poverty Alan Morgan

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As a non-profit foundation, your donation is our lifeblood and critical to ensure our PROSPERITY PROGRAMS are accessible by everyone.

For our donors, it is about providing a life changing opportunity to create a more sustainable livelihood for the marginalised and less fortunate communities through education and knowledge sharing. Your financial contributions will create Ripples of Prosperity to ongoing programs that are key to eliminate poverty.

For the corporate sector, a more educated and prosperous community will deliver better economic benefits for all. More customers with improved financial capacity; better suppliers and ultimately stronger and more reliable business partnerships can only drive economic growth and stability. You will be helping those with DREAMSLEARN, so they can DO.

Your contribution small or large will leave a positive impact for the member’s journey on the prosperity program. Imagine leaving your legacy where the less fortunate community will have the skill and knowledge to lift themselves out of poverty – Your financial contribution will provide continuing education (Mentor Foundation’s PROSPERITY PROGRAMS) to the marginalise community to be sustainable.

We are focus on supporting and inspiring people from impoverished communities who have hopes and DREAMS of a better life, that are prepared to LEARN, and DO the things required to become financially sustainable for themselves, their families and their communities.

We welcome your contribution and support.

As the saying goes ..

One stone casted into the ocean can create many ripples.
Please join us to create this ripple as your humble legacy?

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Help sharing the knowledge; JOIN US NOW. Care about those that need our help.
“A single good deed could ripple through eternity”


You make our programs possible & your support is life changing for many people

of your donation goes directly to supporting long-term solutions. Mentor Foundation thank you for your generosity and compassion which covers all our operating cost.

Help Us. Your financial contribution will add dignity to many marginalize group and provide knowledge empowerment from our Prosperity Program. Please act now to gift your donation today.

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Beneficiary Name - Yayasan Mentor Mikrobank

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