Alan Morgan

Founder’s Statement

A personal letter from our Founder

The level of economic inequity in the world is astonishing. The gap between rich and poor has become so immensely wide and commonplace that, unlike any generations before the most recent, it seems that most of us have simply accepted the gaps, resigned to where we sit within society and become somewhat content. Albeit just a mask for resigned despondency for those less fortunate.

How is it possible that less than 100 of the world’s wealthiest people have amassed personal fortunes greater than the total wealth of 3.5 billion people? Why has such an enormous gap in wealth occurred? What is the difference between one person and another, one community and another, or one nation and another that could have created such a gap?

A life of curiosity and observations

Having spent much of my life travelling throughout the world to more countries, cities, towns and villages than I can possibly remember and, with an innately deep fascination about people and their lives, I am always inquisitive and curiously observing everyone I meet or see; trying to understand who they are, what they do, why they do it and how they have come to be here or there, doing this or that at any given moment. Watching people work, sharing time with their family, friends or simply alone. Constantly wondering what they are thinking? Why are they here? A lifetime of observations. A life time of questions. And a lifetime of lessons and eye opening experiences from everyone I have met on this journey. Always wondering. Always curious. Always inquisitive. Always wanting to understand more.

This curiosity has taught me one thing. And it is clear. We are all the same. All of us. On a whole, we are all smart. We all want the same things. We all want to be happy. To love and to be loved. To be safe and live in peace. To be wanted. To be needed. To be a success in life. We all have hopes and dreams. We all have fears. And we all deal with them differently. But our differences are simply the result of the same thing. The opportunities before us. The opportunities at hand that could help us realise our hopes and dreams.

The absence of opportunity

Limited opportunities result in limited knowledge, either through formal education or life’s experiences and lessons. But limited opportunities do not limit intelligence. Only knowledge. More opportunities result in more chances to do more things and therefore learn, often learning from our mistakes along the way, thereby building our general knowledge, helping us build confidence and diminishing fears. Thus enabling us to venture further, with more confidence and less trepidation. Ever increasing our knowledge of life, work, love and each other.

When I see those challenged with poverty, I see all the same traits I see in everyone else I've encountered around the world, with the exception of one thing. Equal opportunity. The opportunities many of us are abound with that, if equally available, would make them all that they can be. The greatness that lies within us all. But often untapped, uninspired and left dormant.

It may appear that Mentor MicroBank Foundation trading as Mentor Foundation is about education and community support to assist those in need becoming more prosperous. And in its functions, that’s exactly what it does. However, in reality, it is simply about laying bare previously unavailable opportunities to those in need in order to unearth the greatness within that we all possess. An opportunity to learn, an opportunity to prosper and an opportunity to thrive in a more equitable society. And on a broader scale, an opportunity to reduce the enormous economic gap between the rich and poor to the betterment of all.

A bridge to span the gap of equality

For those wishing to commit, learn and work hard at achieving prosperity, we invite you to embrace the opportunities Mentor Foundation provides and join us on a journey of continual learning, a better standard of living and a more prosperous future. Let Mentor Foundation be the bridge spanning the gap of equality. And although only you can take the step towards this journey, you will find all the information, ongoing education and support necessary to travel this long and sometimes lonely road before you.

A community partnership that benefits all

For the corporate world, a more educated and prosperous community will deliver better economic benefits for all. More customers with improved financial capacity, better suppliers and ultimately stronger and more reliable business partnerships can only drive economic growth and stability. Try building a business in a community vastly incapable of affording your products or services. Try expanding your market into an ocean of empty pockets. Try securing the future of a corporation for the betterment of its shareholders from a customer base dwindling in its ability to either buy your product or if they could, become a repeat customer. Or.. Try investing in tomorrow through community education that will drive economic prosperity for all by supporting Mentor Foundation's Prosperity Program. Fostering a more prosperous community means more customers, more often.

We welcome your involvement and support. We encourage more to be socially and economically responsible.


--   Alan Morgan   --
Founder & CEO