Our Programs

The Sustainability Programs

Mentor Foundation is the first non-government organization in Indonesia to provide personal money management workshops and personal development training. Assisting low income people also communities in Bali to manage their limited income efficiently certainly sustainable set as the programs conduct by Mentor Foundation.

Empowering individuals and equipped with knowledge to be financially self-sustainable are the main aims of Mentor Foundation. Combined with NLP techniques, these participants can access knowledge to increase retention for better integration into their personal activities moreover at work.

Based on many case studies, applicable knowledge and practical education is empowering and life changing to individuals who are in pursuit to improve their current life circumstances. The programs support people with a Dream, who are prepare to Learn better money management practices and practical life skills and Do the work necessary to be able to support their family and their community.

Communities Project

The primary aims are to support communities with 12 session seminars and follow up with one on one mentoring outside the program schedule to optimize knowledge transfer and application. Moreover, this has strong merit to facilitate participant’s engagement and program feedback. Nevertheless, the Prosperity program purposeful to work with schedule flexibility also can be divisible into quarterly chunks that is very helpful for adult learners.

Women Empowerment Project

At Baliwise, Role Foundation, where the workshop program implementation took place, comprised by three core modules; Personal money management, Entrepreneurship and Self-Development skills.  The three months program duration following their curriculum schedule. In three months, the participants attend 12 sessions, each session take 1.5 hours minimum.

High School Project

Implementation of High School project are at SMK Pratama Widya Mandala, SMA Ngurah Rai Kerobokan and SMK Pandawa Abiansemal. The students who are interested attending the training are part of entrepreneurial extracurricular activities. The six months program duration following the school curriculum schedule. The project are consisted three core modules of Personal money management, Entrepreneurship and Self-Development skills.

Small and Medium Enterprise Project

The project are divided into four sections; Personal Money Management, Self-Development, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Each section has clear and simple objectives to facilitate learning milestones and meeting expectations. The project facilitate in two years deliver every fortnight. The first year sets the foundation of the program in which each program contents are designed to complement other program content and vice versa. The four objectives of first year is to manage limited income and be financially responsible and sustainable, actively engage at work with positive attitude and be motivated to achieve better career, create cohesive team to generate increase revenue year-in and year-out, become more mindful and engage for the SOP. The second year is designed to set the foundation for the managers to manage their expectations and settle into their roles gradually acquiring actionable knowledge and skill sets. Each 2 hour session starts with an open dialogue of the managers operational activities paired with the scheduled topic. Some sessions require role play while other mentoring sessions focuses on adapting actionable knowledge. To optimize knowledge transfer and application we provide one on one mentoring for these participants outside the program schedule. This has strong merit to facilitate participant’s engagement and program feedback. The Prosperity program is designed to work with schedule flexibility. This program can be divided into quarterly chunks that is very helpful for adult learners.