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Mentor Foundation is the first non-government organization in Indonesia to provide personal money management workshops and self-development training. Founded in 2014, Mentor Foundation launched the Prosperity Program to empower low income people and communities in Bali with a wide range of mentoring programs to manage their limited income efficiently and sustainably.


Mentor Foundation empowers people with a Dream, who are prepared to Learn good business and better money management practices, and Do the work necessary for their family, community and business to be sustainable.



Our Vision

Communities of inspired, motivated and financially self-sustainable individuals.

Our Mission

To create financially self-sustainable communities through mentoring and providing ladders of opportunity to individuals lacking informal education and marginalised community.

Our Values

  • Act with integrity locally and internationally.

  • Commit to continuously improve knowledge, mind-set and skill-set.
  • Commit to equality, efficiency, respect, innovation, eliminate poverty and drive prosperity.
  • Do no harm.
  • Promote community initiatives, participation and collaboration.

Our Founders

Alan Morgan

Alan is an Australian, now living in Indonesia, with a long career in Mergers & Acquisitions, Broking and Business Consulting. Alan's career spans almost 30 years, including as an entrepreneur and senior executive in the financial services sector, investment banking.. See More..

Dr. Marzuki Usman

Dr. Ir. H. Marzuki Usman, MA (born in Mersam, Batang Hari, Jambi, Sumatra) is an economist and expert on capital markets. He also served as Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications (Development Reform Cabinet) and the Minister of Forestry and Plantation (Cabinet of National Unity).. See More..

Mr. Y. W. Junardy

Mentor Foundation is delighted to welcome Mr. Y.W. Junardy as the latest member of our ‘family’ and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have the support of this very highly respected businessman and champion of civil and human rights. Pak Junardy is the President for the Indonesia Global Compact Network (UNGC), part of the United Nations. He is also the President Commissioner of PT Rajawali Corporation since 2006 and is a member of the National Research Council.. See More..

Alan Morgan - Founder & CEO

A personal letter from our Founder

The level of economic inequity in the world is astonishing. The gap between rich and poor has become so immensely wide and commonplace that, unlike any generations before the most recent, it seems that most of us have simply accepted the gaps, resigned to where we sit within society and become somewhat content. Albeit just a mask for resigned despondency for those less fortunate.. Read More...

Our Team

Here our team who work behind
Ketut Wibawa

Ketut Wibawa

Senior Mentor & Community Relations Manager
Passionate to bring out the best qualities in yourself with our mentoring programs
Andy Santika

Andy Santika

Senior Mentor and Legal Counsel
Delivering a fast fun and friendly mentoring program each time. Maintaining sound legal counsel to ensure our footprint is clean
Wahyu Febrianto

Wahyu Febrianto

Senior Mentor and Financial Controller
Delivering knowledge that is fun, fast and friendly, with a big smile. Also looks after our finance to keep us focused
Ayu Adnyani

Ayu Adnyani

Junior Mentor and Administrator
Youngest mentor with a big heart. Coordinating our operational objectives on time and on schedule
Arsanti Samindra

Arsanti Samindra

Office and Program Coordinator
Manage procedures and plan impact assessment of program to ensure the implementation and success of programs for individual and communities.

What We Do



For Mentor Foundation to reach other parts of Bali and Indonesia MentorHub was created in 2016 to share knowledge across different sections of communities.

MentorHub’s eLearning platform is ground-breaking as it facilitates the sharing of knowledge and education amongst program initiatives to the communities but also ....


Sustainability Programs


Mentor Foundation empowers people with a Dream, who are prepared to Learn good business and better money management practices, and Do the work necessary for their family, community and business to be sustainable.




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Our Participant Testimonials

Lukmanul Hakim
Everyone have a dream for his future and be successful in his life. But NOT everyone can afford it. Mentor Foundation gives a special way for everyone to achieve success through its programs using "Dream, Learn, Do". As long as we have a dream to have a better future, we must learn much to achieve and do the best to make it happen. Since 2013 I have been getting ongoing support from Mentor Foundation, as a part owner of Yogurt Republic Store and convinced that my future will be secured and successful. Thank You Mentor Foundation.
Lukmanul Hakim
Store Manager, Owner of Yogurt Republic
Dr.  Eko Wahyu Prasetyo
Mentor Foundation always support my dream. The mentors teach me well about business skills and provide me good business support. Now I understand many processes about business and I operate my own business as a Veterinarian. Mentor Foundation Jargon "Dream, Learn, Do" can be achievable for everyone. Thank you for the ongoing support Mentor Foundation.
Dr. Eko Wahyu Prasetyo
Business Owner of Eko VET 911
Manorus Ambarita
Six years ago, I was working in the hospitality Industry for a villa. But after meeting with Alan Morgan & Gary Seah my career path changed. With a long journey, some struggle and hard work, I have my own sustainable business now ( Mr.Trusted - Property Maintenance, Renovation & Building Contractor). I was the first receiver from the Mentor Foundation program. Mentor Foundation helped me in various ways to ensure my business is sustainable and successful; and most importantly they taught me to be a smart worker, positive thinker, passioned learner and I should always do my best. Success can be achieved when you have strong motivation, dedication to learn, discipline and hard working mind-set. Mentor Foundation has helped many people in the different micro businesses in Bali area. Thanks to Mentor Foundation, now I am reaching for a better future. Nothing is impossible as long as we want to try and do the best we can. I love one quote from Warren Buffett “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” Thank you so much Mentor Foundation.
Manorus Ambarita
Business Owner of Mr. Trusted

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